Workflow. Automation. Actionscripting. Logic - These are my fundamental pillars that I approach work by.

My relationship with Adobe started in 2001 when I was browsing forums and getting hyped up by peoples signatures wondering “How cool is that, I wonder how they’ve done it” I heard the word photoshop and thought “Hmm, how different can that be from Coral Draw” Turns out very.
During my HND in Graphic Design this is when my focus on photoshop became central. Given by this point I was now shooting RAW I felt Photoshop was taking a backseat - Enter heavily processed contrasty photos era.
It was only in 2010 when employed by Gerhard Gronewald at Anjurad Photo studios that Photoshop became re-introduced on a major level. I was taught about non-destructive stacked layer adjustments and the actions and workflow of Guy Gowan (https://www.guygowan.com/). After learning about retouching using Guy’s scripts I quickly adopted the Wacom tablet and began applying what I had learnt.

Moving to FD Beauty in 2012 I went into a crude photo studio / cupboard and became instantly frustrated with this outdated and utterly wasteful approach to photography. Word of advice, if you are ever offered to use a light box, don’t.
I was bombarded with hundreds of e-com products to shoot weekly and so I applied logical thought to how to approach this. Why would I want to square off my canvas hundreds of times a week by clicking File/Image/Canvas Size/… Eat, sleep slave, repeat.
Once I made this single optimisation my weeks became instantly slightly more enjoyable and shorter. “Hmm what’s next”…
After weeks of trying to bring optimisation into my workflow my keyboard was littered with ink stains and about 30 hot keys giving me visual aid layers, frequency separations adjustments, Instant guides, multi export scripts and intelligent colour sampling. I had created my own retouchers toolkit and I was able to retouch at much higher standards.

After enhancing my lighting technics I was able to deliver images for graphics within minutes rather than later that day or longer.

Having achieved everything at FD Beauty I’m now seeking a huge challenge where I can deploy my workflows and optimisations as well as learning from peers to become a better retoucher/photographer.

I now offer consultancy packages to potential customers who’re looking to step up their photography department. This includes an over lunch explanation of the business needs, a quick presentation of what I’ve done in my career and immediate action points for the business to consider.

I recently demo’d these to Rainbow Cosmetics Wholesaler who was blown away with what they were missing and the scale they could operate to.

At the moment I’m producing LUTS & LUX for Lightroom, Photoshop & Premiere. Check back late Summer for these. Plus my Youtube channel will be dropping shortly.